Thursday, November 10, 2011 spring

 this is just an everyday scene for us Hobartians.... whether walking by, driving to work, or walking out of my office, the river derwent is never far!
 at the Royal Botanical Gardens - my favourite part is always the veggie patch! Here, some rainbow beet!
 at bellerive beach while waiting for our next inspection appointment - we'd been looking around for homes, and it's tiring! fortunately there was a shop nearby selling valhalla ice cream...
 a new japanese restaurant's just opened in North Hobart - Midori. So far i've heard good things about it though i havent actually tried it. these photos were from the hubby's lunch with his workmates. tht big fat grilled eel looks so yummy!
 above, some bonito flavoured fried chicken nuggets with salad, pickles and rice.
 of course u cant go wrong with sushi!
hubby was so adamant that this sign in Kingston is grammatically wrong because it's meant to be "reduced" rather than reduce but i wonder if the English language has evolved so that verbs or adjectives can now be used as nouns. you know, like "party" and "stress"  to name a few. alright i cant think of that many now but i reckon some of you could. just watch some saturday morning tv. so if an earlier sign says to "Reduce speed", then a later one would say "end of reduce speed" and it makes perfect sense to me!

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