Monday, November 28, 2011

hello hello....

 Our friend's garden was bursting with wonderful fruit and veg last week and we were lucky enough to be given some of these freshly cut asparagus spears. They were peeking out of the soil, looking so luscious!
Now i know the usual way to cook them is to poach, boil or microwave them, but we like stir frying them with sambal belacan [a malaysian spice paste with fermented dried shrimp....]

 below, a pasta bake from the back of an ardmona tin of tomatoes. It was something like a lasagne but with eggs in it. basically it just involves mixing up some cooked pasta, tomato sauce, vegetables, cheese, eggs and meat and baking it till the cheese melts.
 it's kangkung season again! Here in Hobart, our only source of fresh kangkung is from the Hmongs at either Salamanca market or Moonah island markets [on weekends] so out comes the sambal belacan for a  kangkung stir fry.... this recipe is closest to what we do at home, using a food processor instead of a pestle and mortar.

dont try this at home if you dont have a range hood though...coz the smell permeates everything it comes into contact with!

Kangkung can also be used in a Philipine spicy sour soup called "Sinigang" or in Malaysia prawn noodles. Or you could just use them in any sort of stir fry.

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