Saturday, December 03, 2011

Namaskar in Kingston -Channel Court shopping strip

 This Indian place is so so good! We came here twice and really enjoyed it each time. Eating in is better than taking away because freshly cooked naan hot from the tandoor is always better. Below, the lamb briyani $11 which was really delicious with generous bits of lamb. Each grain of rice was perfectly fluffy and coated with a tasty spicy tomatoey seasoning and each piece of meat was so tender and flavourful. The yoghurt raita that came with it was the perfect tangy accompaniment.
 below, the 2 curries and rice $10, the orange one's the goat masala, and the yellow one's the vegetable kurma which was potato, cauliflower, carrot and green beans in a creamy sauce. A very generous serve, and both curries were very tasty.
I'd come here again to try the other menu items.

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Martha said...

this makes me crave for nothern indian food, which is so expensive here. but I feel like i wanna indulge in some soon! :)