Wednesday, December 07, 2011

matcha men

 It's nearly Christmas! I got the baking bug and made these green tea cut out cookies.
Those that browned too much didn't look as green but still tasted okay. I won't post a recipe as I merely did a google search for green tea cookies and used the easiest one I found. They tasted like...sugar cookies flavoured with green tea powder. Reminiscent of a green tea flavoured mooncake skin. Sort of doughy.


Martha said...

never heard of tea biscuits. :) but am gonna attempt ginger bread when my girls get well.

Gina E. said...

I just cannot come at biscuits or cakes that are green!! An American friend sent me some of her 'cookies' recently, and they were all very nice except for some green ones which were way too sweet and sickly for me.
Sour strawberries are a real problem...we've had them from time to time, and despite drowning them in icing sugar, the bitter taste still comes through. Sorry I can't be of any help with that!