Monday, December 19, 2011

koreana in Launceston

 We found this gem of a place at 84 Elizabeth St in Launceston city - a reasonably priced Korean restaurant! i've always loved korean food. i love the little free refillable side dishes. at this place, we got 3 side dishes - above, the mandatory kimchi, simmered green beans in a sticky sauce, and fried fishcake.
 this is the "fire chicken" $14 which was the best thing we ordered. succulent chicken thigh pieces coated in a spicy chilli sauce stir fried with cabbage and onion. perfect with the steamed rice! and a very good serving size too.
 above, the kimchi hotpot $13 which was bubbling hot so the picture doesnt show what's in it - kimchi of course, [which is fermented spicy cabbage for the uninitiated] green onions, pork slices and tofu. comfort food especially in cold weather. this comes with rice too.
 and we ordered the pork mandu [dumplings] $7 which are a tasty mixture of minced pork and chopped cabbage  encased in a thin pastry and deep fried, served with a soy vinegar dipping sauce.
service was impeccable - the smiley server rushed to replace a spoon the minute he heard it dropping [hubby accidentally knocked it over with his elbow..] 

opening hours: 12-9pm daily except sundays.

i cant wait to come back and try the other dishes like the tofu hotpot, bulgogi and bibimbap.

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