Wednesday, February 08, 2012

eating out in Kingston

We've just moved to Kingston! One of our favourite restaurants here is Namaskar, an Indian takeaway/eat in place at Channel Court shopping centre. The food has never failed to be extremely tasty and just right balance of flavours and always very generous portions. We had the Goan fish curry, below which had juicy pieces of white fish in a fragrant, thick slightly tangy sauce.
 the lamb briyani,below which was very nice as well with tender chunks of lamb in seasoned rice.
 the tandoori chicken, below which was much nicer than any i'd ever had in Malaysia in that it was juicy, crisp on the outside and flavourful to the core.
 the naan bread was slightly underdone, but still alright.
 and my favourite, the baigan bharta [eggplant curry] below which was such a nice tasty blend of mashed up roasted eggplant with tomato, spices, ginger and other tasty bits!
the service was excellent except that one of the servers can be a bit too efficient and whisked away our dishes before we'd finished on 2 occasions!
We'd definitely make this one of our regular eating out places.
 The next night we went to Pep pizza at Kingston Beach [opposite Liberty] where we had really good pizza made with really good dough.
we started off with what appeared to be garlic bread, made with pizza dough which was nice.

cant rmbr which one this was but it had bits of spicy sausage in it which i really liked. the pizza base was the best part of it though!

above, the angus beef one which was really really nice too.
 a rose from the garden
and look what one of our new neighbours brought! how nice of them. I feel so welcome already.

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