Tuesday, February 07, 2012

eating out..

 we've been in the midst of moving house lately so cooking every meal was not possible in the last few days.
so we've had to eat out a bit! which is expensive! we've been using the entertainment card/book a bit for that.

above, the "big" breakfast at ZUM salamanca [ a trendy cafe at the trendy spot] bacon, mushrooms, poached eggs, tomatoes, sourdough toast and rosemary lamb sausage for $19.95. Everything was perfect except that I didnt like the sausage very much... nothing wrong with it, perhaps I just dont like sausages in general! Loved the oozy egg though.
 the pecan croissant $4.30 which was so decadent with flaky bits of buttery croissant enveloped in a rich toffee like sauce and crunchy pecans. I couldnt eat it all at one go coz after just 1/4 of it i felt SO full! it probably sent my blood sugar through the roof too.... I'd recommend sharing this with someone as there's no one anyone could eat the wh0le thing at once.
 I finally went into sweet envy in North Hobart one morning for breakfast. They open at 8.30am. It was always hard getting into here if you work office hours as they don't open in the evenings for after dinner dessert, and only half a day on saturdays, and not at all on sundays. so I wonder who gets into here! people who dont work perhaps? anyway i've always admired the beautiful shop display. Above is the caramel macaron $2 which was absolutely divine. [crispy fragrant shell, chewy interior, creamy butter icing and oozy caramel centre]
the beautiful display of cakes, nougats, rolls, cookies and macarons. beautiful shop, beautiful display and beautiful sweets! They also have ice creams and coffees, sandwiches and pies so it's a good place for a quick lunch.

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Gina E. said...

Ken and I have been promising ourselves another trip to Tassie some time in the future, to visit our friends in Lindisfarne. I think when we get there, I'll spend more time checking out all these super cafes and restaurants you've been writing about!