Monday, May 19, 2008

Complicated lasagna not that i needed yet another overload of fat and carbs, but I somehow got involved in a lasagna making fest last week. Meat sauce, cheese, pasta sheets, milk, butter. what's not fattening in here!?? [perhaps only the tiny bits of chopped carrot] I wonder how the Italians ever came up with something soooo..... imbalanced. I mean...when one thinks up a meal, one would ussually include carbs, protein and fiber, right? that's what i was taught to do since young. that's why chicken rice comes with a serving of cucumber, along with the rice and chicken. that's why a good maggi mee must have an egg and vegetables thrown in to make it balanced. that's why we always have a meat and veg dish with our rice when ordering "chap fan". but somehow that rule doesn't apply to lasagne. just lotsa lotsa protein, dairy and carbs! which is YUMMY!!!!!!
so, here's the white sauce that ended up being too thick.
layering the layers.
boiling the pasta sheets.

and sensing that we didnt have enough carbs, we also made potato salad with lotsa mayo. and bacon. [see what i mean!]
the finished product

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