Tuesday, May 20, 2008

time for a candy post!
I love Lindt chocolates. especially those Lindor balls with the molten centre. [fanyin gave me 3 of them one time and i ate them all at once!]
yeah... the only problem is I can never stop at one. a student from JMC gave me a box of these and i ate 5 at once [bad bad bad....] these had whole almonds in them, with a creamy centre. the smooth swiss milk chocolate just melts in your mouth.
I think my reaction to good chocolate has always been like a boa constrictor kind of approach.... eat it all at once coz u never know when u're gonna get someore....

and so it is. I don't care for Malaysian cadbury or vochelle...these are like... cardboard to me. but whenever I chance upon something from paachi or lindt or australian cadbury, they disappear quickly.

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