Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ka Fei Tiam [or was it "Team"?]
around Section 14 we chanced upon this place. trying to mimic those other chains like uncle lim's or old town kopitiam or ipoh coffee, this place serves up all those usual things like all sorts of coffee in every combination imaginable, as well as staples like kaya toast and soft boiled eggs.
i tried to order the century egg porridge but they didn't have it, so i tried to order the wantan mee but they didn't have that either. finally i chose the first thing on the menu i saw, and ended up with this.
i THINK it's supposed to be "assam" beehoon with curry but it didn't taste one bit assam-ish. the sambal was tasteless except for sweetishness and HOT.[that's not a good sambal] i think sambal ought to be predominantly savory with a tiny bit of sour and sweet. the curry was not fragrant fact it was just watery and bland.
gavin's fried rice. it doesnt look that appetizing either but maybe he liked it. i didn't ask.

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