Monday, May 19, 2008

Hosanna at SS13 [next to 3K] Subang Jaya
Being a subang jaya person I try to find all the good places to eat here. My criteria for a good place to eat has 3 things that top the list - tasty food, must be cheap, comfortable ambiance. most of the time you'll only get 2 out of the 3 but IF you hit 3/3 you're lucky.

My favorite place to go to after church is this kopitiam at those SS13 flats. It's near to church, has a wide variety of meals to order and the owner lady is always smiling and friendly. there's wantan mee, curry chicken wantan mee, chicken rice, hakka mee, pork noodles, ipoh kueh teow, lam mee, char kueh teow and other things I dont remember. that's coz i tend to order the same thing every time i come here. the pork noodles [above] are always good, with a porky soup and smooth rice noodles. the only thing i dont like about it is how there aren't enough greens.
but some people like it that way.
the hakka mee is fragrant and slippery, with lotsa pork fat [hey that's what gives it the fragrance!] and minced pork, and sliced char siew and my favourite choysum greens. still not enough greens but im the sort who likes the greens to be more than the meat or carbs. anyway, the prices here are still in the region of RM3.80 per serving so it's the best place to go for tasty cheap hawker fare.

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