Sunday, April 26, 2009

parkway restorant in SS19

i love eating at parkway in SS19 subang jaya because the food is delicious and it's very reasonably priced. most of the time when we order rice and dishes the bill often comes up to RM15 per head, with as many dishes as there are people. above is the pork and choysum stir fry which was excellent. the porky bits added lotsa flavour to the greens and gravy.
this time we had the shrimp foo yong egg, hot plate tofu which had heaps of minced pork in it, spinach soup [my fav!] and steamed fish [gav's fav]
they serve beer too! everything was yummy.
here's the spinach soup with century and salted egg. I order this almost every time I come here coz it's my favourite! the flavour of the soup is really fresh tasting because of the spinach.

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