Friday, April 03, 2009

review on Brahim's Kurma sauce

this is a review on brahim's ready made kurma sauce. I don't know how to make kurma from scratch and so far I've only ever had one very good mutton kurma at minah's in Penang so I thought I'd take the easy way out and use this ready made sauce.
the instructions were very simple, just cook the chicken pieces in the sauce with water for 20 minutes and it's optional to add root vegtables [we used potatoes] the other fresh ingredients needed are just chillis and onions, both of which we had on hand so it's very convenient.

we simmered it a lot longer than 20 minutes because we had the time and because I wanted the chicken to be tender.
at first I thought it might have been too watery and regretted not measuring the water properly but as we let it stand the sauce got thicker and thicker and turned out to be just right. this is a very mild one, and it wasn't hot at all though I added 3 chillies. the chicken turned out tender and juicy. the spices were, as i said, very very mild. overall it was an "okay" tasting sauce and our friends carol and sonia finished most of it so i guess it must've been okay. I don't feel that strongly about it though because I prefer a stronger flavoured kurma but Gavin said he would buy this again.

for someone who's tired out after work and want a quick saucy, meaty dish this would be a good idea!

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