Sunday, April 15, 2012

green tea ice cream

I borrowed a friend's KRUPS ice cream churn to make this gorgeous ice cream - it's absolutely yummy! [if u like the flavour of strong matcha] kitchen gadgets are something i need to resist the temptation to get, coz of our limited space - how many of you use things like these on a regular basis? [and waffle makers, popcorn makers, pasta machines...] so, i just borrow them. I've often ordered this at Japanese restaurants and got the green tea powder from a baking shop last year so thought I'd try this. I love green tea desserts- green tea cheesecake, green tea mooncake, green tea milkshakes [I had a banana green tea shake in Launceston not too long ago that was gorgeous!] and green tea cookies.  So! this one's a winner. I used this recipe.

wonder if an earl grey one would work?

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Gina E. said...

Ugh...sorry! Just the colour of that puts me off! I dislike a lot of gadgets in my kitchen, and have often warned family members not to buy me something they think I should have because they reckon I'm a good cook! I can be a good cook without gadgets! I don't make bread or icecream, not worth the effort for just two of us. But I do enjoy eating both when friends have made it themselves.