Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pancake Train, Margate

 We drove 7 minutes to Margate today to look around [like tourists!] The pancake parlour is a popular spot - above, the arancini deep fried rice ball [$15.90] with tomato pesto which was on the specials board. I was really hungry when I started eating it but I couldn't finish it as it was so filling! nice flavours - and comes with a salad.
 this is the beef stroganoff  [$18.90] on pancakes [what a novel idea...replacing the rice with pancakes!] which the hubby said was very filling as well. It may not look like much but he was absolutely stuffed after eating it.
the gorgeous looking berry dream - drenched in rich syrup. Again, very very filling so I think this should be shared with 3-4 people as a dessert rather than one person trying to eat it!

It was fun sitting in the carriage - really felt like we were on a train! minus the noise and shaking....

there was also a very interesting expat grocer in one of the other carriages which I thought was so cool. it had mostly lollies [which i love] from South Africa, the UK, Scotland, The Netherlands and Germany. The Dutch salted licorice fish were something I'd only ever seen in magazines before!
these, and some weird looking dried beef from South Africa called biltong.

Later we stopped by Meredith's orchard grocer and got some really nice Fuji apples for $2 a kilo [which are much bigger & nicer than those supermarket ones]. The place had a nice rustic feel and no home brand items in sight! A nice change from the big bad supermarket chains.

Margate's a nice quiet suburb with water views, a few nice cafes, a butcher, greengrocer and a great fishing spot with Kingston's shopping centre nearby...and a very huge bottle shop!


Gina E. said...

I think the only reason Melbourne has such a great reputation for good food is because Tasmania is an island and people on the mainland can't drive there! Melbourne does have great food places, but Tas. is definitely on a par. There should be a link to your blog on the Tasmanian Tourist Bureau website ;-)

Martha said...

.....popping by just to wish you a beautiful mother's day :)