Friday, July 13, 2007

Anzac Biscuits [ozzy ozzy ozzyyy ]

Advance Australia Fair!!
haha... I've always wanted to try making my own Anzac Aussie favourite..these are not only chewy and yummy but healthy too with lotsa fibre from the oats.
These are right up there with the meat pies, pavlovas and vegemite I think!

I'm so patriotic for Australia but not for Malaysia.


Tiffany said...

hi cell, just wana ask you if you have the recipe for these anzac biscuits? i found a few on the net, they asked for dessicated coconut. Is it the same as kelapa parut? The ones we use to make coconut milk?? Or are do we get the ones frm tesco/giant, ready packed in the baking section? Please help, wana make these for Xmas giveaways :) Tx

cell said...

for these, use the dried dessicated coconut from the baking section, like what the Indians use for coconut candy, sold in packets.