Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I love kueh teow th'ng.
it's the best thing about penang i think. wonder why it isnt as good here in KL. why cant the KL kueh teow soup sellers do it like the penangites? over here all u get are a few measly shreds of boiled chicken, a fishball or two, a shrimp or two and spring onions. and the soup's ussually quite bland. but this penang kueh teow th'ng was so fragrant with its porky soup [I suppose it had been boiled with pork bones for very long? I might be wrong but anyway it's super porky] and flavourful pork mince floating around...sliced fish cake and pork balls and shrimp and bean sprouts. it's just so yummy! and it's my idea of comfort food [steaming hot...]

Another thing that's famous in Penang is the assam laksa. this particular one was from a stall near the "kek lok si" temple up in the mountains. Kavern says it's the best on the island. I say it's very fishy. [a good thing]

some roti canai at the side of the road but i dont remember where.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- back to subang jaya.............last night magdalene and I went to the pasar malam and bought lotsa food. we stopped at the lok-lok stall to eat....i had some mini quail century eggs -i love these!!! and she had a boiled cockle [sea-harm] kebab. the boyfriend loves those lok lok stalls too and everytime he sees one he has to have his boiled pork kidney and liver kebabs. [gross] of course some people say that cockles are gross/disgusting [but I do like them...] or that century eggs are disgusting [i suppose the black colour might put you off but perhaps it's an acquired taste.

Lok lok in cantonese means to "scald scald" i think!! i might be wrong. but it does sound like "scald scald" right???? anyway that makes the most sense to me since everything's "scalded" like this in boiling hot bubbling broth before eating.

on to OUG.........there's a kopitiam near the market called "yang kee" that's famous for beef noodles. you can choose watever noodle you like, and the "kon low" [dry ones] comes with some minced beef in dark soy sauce and some blanced choy sum with a side bowl of beef broth and beefballs. they're tasty and all but their prices are a lil on the high side for a non air conditioned kopitiam.

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BenLuffy said...

I still think the beef noodles in PJ Street tastes the best...

新九如... mmmmmmmmmmmph~~