Monday, July 09, 2007

For lunch today we went to Wong Soon Kee in SS14. in the daytime they have stalls around selling chap fan, porridge, pan meen, beef/pork noodles, rojak, stuffed deep fried taufoo and wantan mee. at night they have "tai chow" where they sell the usual stuff like hokkien meen, kung fu chou and rice with dishes.

here's what dad ordered from the wanton mee shop and it comes with a bowl of wantons in soup but it's a different kind of order this u've to ask for "choh meen" which means this thicker flatter noodle. [instead of the usual thin wantan meen kinda noodle] it's nice and porky with all the minced pork on top. I managed to snap a pic although dad was getting impatient.

The plight of the poor red snappers [or are they tilapias?] in the restaurant's tank ........they'll be tonight's steamed fish, assam fish or sweet sour fish. somehow though..they look blur. perhaps they dont have any emotions. or they feel fear/dismay/sadness but they can't express it?

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Hearts said...

I can finally comment! yes can see your entries and pictures now. Your photography is improving! :)
Yes, the pitiful fishes! though my children love watching them....