Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bawang Merah in SS12
For tea today we went to Bawang Merah in SS12 [same row as the Windmill/Shun/taj curry house/domino's pizza] this malay place is quite popular and famous so finding a parking spot is always a challenge. their "kuih" disappears really fast too so whenever you see the waitress coming out of the kitchen with a plate of fresh "pisang goreng" you'd better rush for it!
This sugary sweetpotato doughnut was quite agreeable. crispy with a creamy soft inside.

this deep fried prawn fritter was delicuios too but then again..what isnt when it's deep fried?
it had a really nice flavour and because it was just hot off the pan it was extra good.

I also had the curry puff which was yummy too [it disappears really really fast] -crispy crust and hot potato curry filling with onions. [yum]
the woo tau koh was nice too although it isn't a typical malay thing.
Mag had the fatt koh which she said was nice [those colourful steamed cupcakes]
the other items on offer were boiled tapioca [I've never had it before], cucur pisang, pisang goreng, kuih lapis, those green round things with gula melaka inside and coated with grated coconut and nasi lemak and lotsa other malay kuihs whichs names I dont know.
The pisang goreng [deep fried battered banana] wasnt that good this time though...the banana they used wasnt sweet enough but the batter was nice and crispy.
I suppose another reason for its popularity are its reasonable pricing. each piece of kuih is
53 cents and drinks are around RM1.40 for a cuppa teh tarik.

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