Sunday, July 08, 2007

there are 3 things i look for in a restaurant.

1. good food

2. air conditioned and comfortable

3. cheap

unfortunately most establishments only satisfy two of the above criteria. [good service is not in the list bcoz im malaysian]
and those that do.... often close down too soon! like that don place in SS15 i used to love going was run by a japanese lady and her son and they had many types of "don" and it was a very nice cheerful comfortable place with a huge aquirium...but for some weird reason it didnt attract that many customers...why!!????????
the food was SO good. i loved their oyakodon.
it's so easy finding a place that satisfies only 2 of the above criteria. of cousre, it's easy to think of places that serve good food in a nice ambiance but burn a huge hole in your pocket. equally easy enough to find a place that serves up a good black pepper kueh teow at RM5 but is crowded, hot and grubby so u wouldnt linger after your meal [that's the whole point anyway!]
or...u can even find a place that's comfortable and cheap but the food is no better than a typical 18 yr old boy who's just moved outa home [like "Old Town coffee" serves...maggi mee with ONE sprig of bokchoy and a thin slice of luncheon meat!!] but if u want someplace where u can linger for good's so hard!
so if any of you find a place that satisfies all 3 of my requirements, I'd be very happy to hear about it!
I had a really really really bad nyonya laksa today at "Souk" in SS15. perhaps they were understaffed [there were 20 of us at our table alone and only ONE waitress for the entire establishment!] our food took SO long to come, felt like half an hour! anyway the laksa was so bad that i could only eat a few bites [coz i was really hungry as i didnt have breakfast before church] it was just so horrible. but i hear their nasi minyak and fried rice are pretty good.
We went to "Hock Hin" in ss19 for dinner tonight [opposite 7/11] and we had this "lai lui ha" [mantis prawn] kung pau style with dried chillis and cashews. it was crispy but i'd rather the sauce be less sweet.
the marmite chicken drummets were really good though. nice and crispy with a really nice flavour.
and my favourite "choy tam" [what's it called in english ? baby cos lettuce? or brussel sprouts?]
this one's for the boyfriend. porky pau! hhehehe. A "sang yuk" pau i had for a snack.
the poor thing..he cant get any pork at all in qatar coz it's illegal. so he makes sure he gets his fill of it when back here for a holiday.

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