Tuesday, September 29, 2009

namaste at bundoora square

We heard rave reviews about this place from an indian friend so we knew it would be good. it's right next to psarakos market at bundoora square. we came on a lonely monday night and was greeted by a very warm and friendly waiter. there were non oily papadums and yoghurty sauce for starters.
here're the samosas- crisp and warm just hot off the oil. the crust was yummy and the insides were a tasty yellow potato and pea mash. served up with a sweetish red sauce.
the lamb vindaloo came with a lot of tasty sauce. we asked for it to be "hot", being given 3 choices of mild, medium and hot. gav said we ought to have asked for "Extra hot" but this was already at my limit. the lamb pieces were tender and the sauce was very good except that it was a tiny bit too salty.
we had it all with the yellow basmati rice.
this was my favourite dish of all, the tomato bhindi. the sauce was very good, sweetish, sourish, spicy and complex. and saucy. the pieces of ladies fingers were cooked just right not mushy or overly tough. I would go back again to have this.

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