Saturday, September 05, 2009


i was trying to create a "biscuits with bacon gravy" variation so here i used english crumpets [bacon flavoured! can you believe it?] and chopped bacon with this carbonara sauce in a packet that turned out too salty!

last weekend we had dinner at this malaysian restaurant "lazzat" on lygon street and had fried noodles. it wasn't terrible but a bit too sweet for my liking.

gav ordered this rendang nasi lemak, the rendang was very good and tender and tasty. i wish i'd had that instead! but i ordered this laksa lemak below which wasn't terrible but not that good either. the soup was quite nice but i didn't like how there were so many chunks of raw veggies in it. raw veggies just don't go well with this kinda laksa. it would for assam laksa.
anyway, it's nothing like what we'd get in Malaysia! i wouldn't recommend it.
strolling along Acland road in St Kilda, deandra just had to get into san churros coz of the hype about it so she ordered their classic churros with melted chocolate. the whole little shop had a mexican theme going on it, with warm earthy tones and oranges and browns all over.
of course, the churros and chocolate were completely delicious with the crispness of the pastry and the creamy hot chocolate melting sauce going very well together.

everything else at san churros looked delectably fattening

this is what i had for brunch at a cafe in St Kilda. forgot the name of it. I don't usually order steaks but the description of this dish on the menu looked too tempting. and it was absolutely delicious except for the uncooked bits [which some people like] the peppery rocket just goes so well with the meat and cheese and chutney and sourdough bread. the chips were so buttery and creamy on the inside and crisp on the outside. i'd go back there again!


Gina E. said...

Oh cell, we lived near Acland Street for about a year before we were married (30 years ago) and one of our greatest pleasures was to cruise down Acland Street and look at all the food displays! We would always buy some cakes to take home, and stop for a meal somewhere along the street to finish off.
I hope you won't hate me for saying this, but the top photo of meat sauce over a crumpet looks like something my cat 'did' last week...EEWWWW!!!!

cell said...

haha i can imagine. it DOES look like vomit! it didn't that very nice either. i wouldn't try making it again! yeah if i had lotsa money i'd visit that place again and have a shopping spree but since i don't at the moment it'll just have to be window shopping