Sunday, September 27, 2009

village square Greek tavern - Heidelberg

we came here at Burgundy St for dinner last night. it had rave reviews from the Heidelberg Leader so we thought we'd check it out. There was a belly dancer but I'm not really into that sort of thing, plus this being a family restaurant I didn't think it appropriate. would you like your 4 yr old having a sexy belly revealing hip shaking cleavage bearing girl waving her hair at him? scary i'd think! anyway, i liked the wall decorations made to look like we were on a greek island. everything was blue and white. service was a bit slow but maybe it was bcoz it was a weekend.
the saganaki [grilled kefalograviera cheese] was excellent, esp with a squeeze of lemon on top - I'd have this any day over a steak! the outside was crisp and the inside oozing.

of course greek salad is greek salad - but this was a nice refreshing crispy acompaniment to the heaps of meat we had. the fetta was nice and creamy.
i adored this bread. it probably had a lot of butter in it because it was so tasty.
this is the seafood platter at $53. a whole deep fried flounder, grilled shrimp, grilled scallops, battered calamari and some other fillet of fish that I don't know. the calamari was excellent, and cooked just right, the fish was a bit salty but cooked just right so it was nice and tender. everything had lemon in it! we also had the meat platter with grilled lamb, chicken, gyros and some other things. it was tasty but way way too salty! I was so thirsty the whole meal because of this.
we were pleasantly surprised when we asked for the bill to be brought this instead. dessert on the house. baklava, watermelon and galaktoboureko. I would come again but ask them not to be so generous on the salt. perhaps the greeks like their food salty?

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