Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Balkan Burek!

We chanced upon this Macedonian Burek shop on High St in Preston and were really impressed with the burek. Each slice is $5.50, and you can get a whole one for $22, which I think could feed 4-5 people. Frozen ones are $16, and we saw lots of customers buying them by the takeaway boxfuls.

A burek is a pie with buttery flaky pastry encasing a tasty filling such as meat, spinach or ricotta cheese. We ordered the meat burek, below, and it was served hot and fresh from the oven. It smelled really really good! [as all things fattening do] It reminded me of the Malaysian mamak "murtabak" which is a roti filled with meat, but this one had a lighter and crisper pastry, with less filling. We both loved it and I wished we could try all the types of fillings! Perhaps next time.

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