Sunday, July 04, 2010

going Japanese

I'm quite pleased with myself - i made this Japanese lunch for hubby! Onigiri and inari sushi. Actually, these were so easy to make, a 4 yr old could've done it. The onigiri were bonito flake and soy sauce filled rice balls shaped into a triangle, then stuck with a seaweed strip. The inari was the easiest - you can buy the tofu skins in packets from asian grocers, these were around $3 for a pack of 8 skins. Just stuff them with sushi vinegar-ed rice. The tray was saved from a sushi takeaway meal [something as pretty as that should be reused!]
Then I decided to show off my pretty sakura ceramic plate that I got in Malaysia.
here they are again! Gav said they tasted okay.


Gina E. said...

Ooooh my mouth is watering! I LOVE Japanese food! I have some of those takeaway containers too - can't bear to throw them out either. Did you get yours at Suzuran in Hawthorn?

cell said...

no, i've been wanting to go for ages now but never got around to it! i do want to get some bento box stuff there.