Wednesday, July 07, 2010

taiwanese steamboat

when we boil raw foods at the table and eat them with a dipping sauce, it's called a "steamboat". I don't know why. perhaps coz the morsels of food look like boats floating on the soup and it releases a lot of steam as it boils? anyway, it's a great winter warming meal! here we had some fishballs, pork balls, tofu, chinese cabbage, and thinly sliced pork and beef.
the dipping sauce which is made out of a raw egg yolk, chilli and garlic paste and some other brown Taiwanese BBQ sauce.
the whole thing boils at the table on an electric hot plate.
here's the meat! although it looks like a lot of fat, each slice is very thin and this whole platter is shared with 7 people so I don't think it's as unhealthy as it looks.

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Gina E. said...

I don't think anything you cook would be unhealthy, Cell! Going by your blog, you and Gav have a very healthy diet (and healthy appetites, lol). I envy your dinner guests ;-)