Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pin Tohng Thai in Potts Point

This is the first time we've had Thai food in Australia. It was our final night in Sydney and we were walking around Kings Cross/ Potts Point wondering what to have for dinner. Pizza, Japanese, Indian and Oporto were available but it was so cold, we wanted something hot and spicy. Never having had proper authentic Malaysian food here, I didn't expect this Thai one to be anywhere near the standard I was used to but we were pleasantly surprised. Everything we ordered tasted just as good as if it were in Malaysia. Or Thailand for that matter [they're next to each other] This little half shop had some Bhuddist statues around and the girl at the counter spoke Thai so I reckon it's definitely authentic.
The tomyam soup was sooo good, really flavourful, spicy and tasted like its real ingredients, and had pieces of lemongrass in it. and it was full of chicken and mushrooms as you can see on top. the serving sizes were SO BIG! we weren't expecting it to be so huge. Each person's serving was enough for 2, really.
Below, the pad prick [fresh chilli] stir fried beef, which was excellent. The seasonings were perfect, the vegtables cooked just right, not overcooked or undercooked so they retained some "bite" and the slices of beef were perfectly tender and as i said, there was such a HUGE serving.
Below, the panang curry which had a rich flavourful sauce that was perfect with the steamed rice, and generous amounts of chicken and vegetables in it as well, with fragrant thai basil strewn over the top. We kinda "forced" ourselves to finish it coz we didn't want to waste any but really, it was enough to serve 3-4 people, so i ended up eating too much and feeling really bloated afterwards......
I highly recommend this place and only wish there were such a Thai place here in Clayton!

Pin Thong Thai

  • Shop 2
    117B Macleay St
    Potts Point 2011 NSW
  • Phone: (02) 8356 9033

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