Tuesday, July 27, 2010

pork dumplings, also known as "siu mai"

I got inspired to make this, funnily enough, by a westernized recipe from the Herald Sun, it said to use beef mince and pork fat, but I reverted to my Chinese-ness and just used pork mince. It's so easy to do, just put some seasoned mince pork into the wanton skins, and steam for 10 minutes! Preparing the pork is easy - season it, then add some cornflour and an egg to make it bind and set. For a traditional tasting one, I used sesame oil, soy sauce, spring onions, dark soy sauce, and tiny bit of sugar. You could add chopped chilli, coriander, shaoxing wine and ginger too.

The wanton skins stick when wet, so wet the edges that you want to stick. Serve with chilli sauce.


Gina E. said...

You make this sound so easy! Where do you get wonton skins? I guess the supermarket or deli sell them, I just haven't looked for them.
I have found by trial and error, that pork mince is far superior to beef mince for most recipes that include mince meat as an ingredient. I always wondered why my meatloaves were so greasy and 'urk' tasting, until I tried using a pork/veal combination, and it was so much better.

cell said...

you can get wonton skins from the fridge section at any asian grocery.i dont know about your area,but there're definitely heaps of asian grocers in preston!