Thursday, June 24, 2010

shanghai home cooking

It was a pleasure visiting the home of one of my Shanghainese friends, and being served a typical day's homemade meal. Above, the regular wheat noodles that's one of their staples, along with man tou and rice.
He made this laksa soup with tofu and rice noodles for me! I loved it - in fact it was better than malaysian laksa coz it wasn't as oily and fatty! but still with a nice coconut milk fragrance along with the spicy shrimp and chilli flavours.
I don't eat organ meats but here's some sliced liver that his toddler girls were munching as snacks.
and, the most delicious braised beef I've ever had! It was simmered for 2 hours in dark soy sauce, chinese wine, ginger, star anise, cinnamon, sugar and dried orange peel till it was so tender and flavourful. Just a few slices were enough to satisfy because of its intense flavour.
here it is being sliced up!the meat just almost fell apart but with the right texture. The thick, sticky syrupy glaze is from the sugar.
Here're some greens he pulled up from the garden just before stir frying with garlic and oyster sauce. Lovely! So, all these are eaten with rice, or noodles in clear chicken broth.

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Gina E. said...

Oooooh that braised beef sounds absolutely delicious - thanks for listing the ingredients! I've written them down for future reference. I've done enough Asian style cooking to have an idea of the quantities. And the steamed green vegies are the perfect sides.
Got your comment on my blog about Ms J.G...Shudder?? More like throw up...wasn't she awful today. Such arrogance.