Sunday, June 13, 2010

Anshumann Da Dhaba on Clayton Road Part 3

Guess what.....this Saturday morning...we decided to come here again! 3 saturdays in a row. You just can't beat a spicy rich and filling Indian brunch on a lazy saturday where you can take your time to eat it...well, almost. I had nearly finished when a whole troupe of customers started pouring in and standing around and pressuring me to finish so I couldn't finish my meal. Especially coz there were a couple standing right behind and beside me, the wife who was heavily pregnant so I felt really uncomfortable sitting I just left whatever was on my plate.

Anyway....above, Gav had the chicken tikka masala which he says is the UK's national dish. It was really rich and tasty, with a smokey earthy lavour not unlikely tandoori chicken.

I had the channa bhatura [above] which is chickpea curry with deep fried bread, it comes with the usual yoghurt sauce and some pieces of raw onion. It was my first time having this and I got to know abt it from sanjay's youtube video [check out his site] It was really yummy fresh out of the oil coz it was hot and crisp and the creamy chickpeas were good too...and it was very filling. perhaps because of the oil...or that it's completely carb! anyway as I said, I couldn't finish it because at around 2pm a hoard of people started coming in and crowding around our table making me feel uncomfortable! I wouldn't order it again unless I had someone to share it's too much for one person! Also I'd recommend arriving before 12 and leaving before 2pm, that way you can lazily take your time.

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