Saturday, June 05, 2010

Anshumann Da Dhaba again

Last week's meal was so good, we decided to come here again today. It was a cold and wet afternoon so it was nice having something hot and spicy.Here's the thali set again ($7.90) with the rice, naan, yoghurt, onion pickle and curry of choice. Above, is the lamb saag which was really nice, with tender lamb pieces in its thick, rich creamy spinach sauce. The sauce was really so good on its own, the tasty lamb pieces were just an accessory to it!
The naan breads were hot off the oven and crisp on the outside. They were perfect with all the sauces that were offered, the yoghurty ones, the minty one, the red one [i don't know all their names] and the lamb sauce. In fact, we had to order another naan later on coz it was so good.
Above is the amritsari fish ($10.90), which are deboned fish pieces deep fried with a chickpea flour coating. Anything deep fried is yummy, but having it this style was really a treat, the yoghurt and spices just made it so flavourful, and with a crispy coating too. I think it's really worth it to try this here coz making it at home would be too complicated for most, well, for me anyway.

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