Saturday, June 12, 2010

leche flan

I had the good fortune to have casually mentioned to my Philly friend that i loved leche flan which is a Phillipine version of creme caramel, but much richer and thicker, made with condensed milk! and it so happened that his wife had made some that day and had one extra! I happily accepted. It was absolutely the most decadent dessert I've ever had. Here it is flipped out of its pan with its caramel all around it. I didn't flip it perfectly but it still tasted absolutely perfect.
and here it is before I flipped it out! It's made with heaps of egg yolks so it has a golden yellow colour. each spoonful was so creamy and sweet and fragrant with vanilla.

I found a recipe on the internet here if anyone's interested. You'd probably need to find another recipe for meringues too for all the egg whites ! Or just do as I do and fry them with some onion, chilli, anchovies and whatever chopped up veggies you have leftover as an omelette.

To counteract all that cholesterol, have some oatmeal and fish oil tablets afterwards.

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