Monday, September 06, 2010

Pamir's at Dandenong

I went to Dandenong last Saturday for a little "adventure", with the intention of having Afghan food for lunch, and getting some Polish bakery and deli items. All this because of an article in the Herald Sun about how interesting Dandenong is for food lovers. We didn't have any particular place in mind, and just thought we should stroll around until we found something interesting, and this was the first place we came across. Pamir's Kebab House, had just opened at 12noon so we were the first customers there.

Just standing outside reading the newspaper articles about it at the window made me want to go in. We were soon informed by the owner that this was a famous restaurant, having been featured on tv on a few occasions and even Matt Preston had eaten there and loved it. Hmmmm not bad considering we were merely wandering around with no destination in mind.

We ordered the set menu which was $26 per person. Above, the famous kebabs which were excellent. Chicken, lamb backstrap and lamb kofta barbecued to perfection. Very juicy, very tasty. Below, the meatball in tomato sauce. It looked like the normal italian style sauce but it was much spicier.
Below, the "dumplings" which reminded me of chinese dumplings, strangely enough! Like a huge ravioli. but spicy! It was filled with spicy minced meat and covered in a tomato-ey, creamy sauce. Yummy.
The bread for dipping - it was somewhat like naan but thicker and denser.
the condiments: chilli sauce [slightly sweetish], yoghurt and salad.
The set also came with rice studded with pomegranate seeds but the photo was so blurry so it's not in here. It was interesting trying something new, and walking alone the streets you can find many afghan clothing and grocery stores as well, so this is probably the cheapest [and perhaps, safest?] way to go on a "tour" of Kabul without actually going there.

I thought that Dandenong was a dangerous place but being there on a Saturday morning was quite alright, no druggies in sight but rather lots of families with their kids going out for a saturday shop at the market or a meal together.

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