Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Polish Bakery - Rye Crust

After reading about this place in the Herald Sun, I wanted to come and try everything! However, I only made off with a few items. Half the store was a little cafe where you could sit down with a coffee and cake, and the other side was the bread section. Will be back again for the Polish cheesecake! Stepping into the store, I could hear everyone speaking [presumably] Polish and none of the cakes/desserts were labelled in English. The breads were, so I chose an egg and raisin bread [which the rosy cheeked lady behind the counter described as being similar to the French brioche] and a sourdough bun. I asked if she could tell me what everything was, so she did, in a very friendly manner. Above is the mini "babka" which is a marble cake.

Below, a Polish danish which is a nice rich bread with a sweetened poppyseed filling. It smelled of almonds.
and below, the sourdough bun with some slices of Polish ham. [I think!] We stopped by Uncle's Smallgoods [just across the road on Thomas St] for some Polish processed meat but nothing was labelled in English either, so we just pointed to what the other customers were having and tried it out. This ham was yummy, and not as salty as the regular ham we're used to.
Below, the egg and raisin bread - which was delicious toasted and spread with jam. I didn't know how to eat it, so i had to do a google search on how to eat brioche. [Well, it isn't really brioche since it's Polish isn't it, but I didn't know the Polish name for it] It has a really thick and rich texture. It didn't need any butter because it already has heaps of butter in it apparently.

At both places, all the customers and staff spoke Polish and we felt a little bit out of place because there were no English translations on their menu or labels on the items, but when we spoke to the staff and asked them what to do, they were friendly and accommodating. So, it's just a matter of speaking to them to ask what to get. I would like to go again and try the other things.

Rye Crust bakery
101 Foster St, Dandenong VIC 3175


Anonymous said...

The Polish Rye Crust Bakery in Dandenong is absolutely fantastic, the best pretzels, bagels and yummy cakes, once you have been there , you will want to go back!

Foodie said...

This bakery is AMAZING!
Our German exchange student said that the schwartzbrot was the best he had and that the pretzel rolls reminded him of home.
This artisan bakery in central Dandenong is such a find - and a great compliment to the nearby Polish deli's such as Wisla in Langhorne Street.
I go there every week - I'm addicted to the sour dough rye!

Bread lover said...

I was referred here by a friend over a year ago...the bread is so fantastic...I think I've tried just about everything. My favourites are the walnut sourdough, the vilagebrot (don't know if that's spelled correctly) and the fabulous cheesecakes