Friday, September 03, 2010

typical at home dinner

This may be boring but I thought perhaps some non Chinese might find it interesting. A typical meal at home for us on a week night is this - plain rice, with stir fried vegetables[usually bok choy or choy sum, but it can be any green leafy vegetable. And some sort of protein - here, a steamed whole fish with fried garlic, onion and salty preserved bean paste on top as a seasoning[tau cheo]. it usually comes in a jar. Very simple but the hubby likes it :)

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Gina E. said...

I'm reading your blog at 1.45 am, and my mouth is watering as usual! I don't know anything about Vietnamese food, but what you've shown here has got me interested in trying it. Not keen on Indian food though. We've got two Indian restaurants in Eltham and I haven't been to either of them. We also have two Japanese restaurants, and I've bought take-away at one so far. One of my friends has dined at the other one, and has been raving about it, so I'm planning on going there with my friend in the next week or so. We have a Thai restaurant too, and I've been there once, but a long time ago.