Monday, August 27, 2007

I really do love Sakae Sushi. it's so much nicer to eat here than sushi king or shogun. sushi king is really expensive and ambience is like a fast food place, and shogun's even more expensive with most of its fish not as fresh as you'd like it to be. so I think sakae sushi is my favourite one in terms of everything as it has nice and cozy ambience, nice food, and not so frightfully expensive than you'd have to sell an arm and a leg to eat there.
This teriyaki chicken don was nice. although I wonder how they get enough fibre. seems like all we eat at japanese restaurants are protein and carbs. the only veggies are the pickled ones or deep fried battered ones in the tempura....
this is their fried tofu which i found really yummy.

we also had these deep fried salmon and shrimp dumplings [inside it was flaked cooked salmon encasing a whole shrimp] servied with mayo and a sweetish dark sauce.

this place has the cheapest salmon sashimi. this place of sashimi with 4 slices was RM5.90

I love miso soup as always.

I think chawan mushi must be the japanese comfort food. soft,warm and flavourful, one cannot help but like this!

and my favourite: the spicy salmon sushi. chopped up raw salmon [i love!] mixed with...what might be yoghurt and spices. I dont know what the spices are except that they really are spicy. perhaps cayenne pepper? or chilli powder? I order this every time I go to sakae sushi. at RM1.90 per plate [2 pieces]

So, in line with the whole Japanese thing, i decided to try making konnyaku jelly. I found some old jelly moulds and tried this recipe using the peach flavoured justea drink. it worked very well although I couldn't get most of them out of the molds without breaking does one do it? it couldn't slide out and i had to poke them with my fingers to free them from the mould. but then, when i poked them, they get misshapen.

i also made some using lychee juice, so the brown ones were the peach tea ones and the whitish ones from the lychee syrup. they tasted good although most looked deformed. what a pity as those moulds are so pretty in their flower, heart, star and leaf shapes.


babe_kl said...

to remove these konnyaku jelly from the mould, just slide something sharp like knife or toothpick on the side. they shld be able to slide out easily then

boo_licious said...

A trick used is rinse the molds with water before you add the jelly mixture. This creates a layer before the jelly sets hence it's easier for you to remove it later on. Hope that helps you!

cell said...

Thanks! will try that out the next time i do this.