Friday, August 31, 2007

To make a sandwich..............

being typically chinese malaysian..I never really had a thing for sandwiches until I went to australia. suddenly... sandwiches were the thing to have for lunch instead of hot noodles in soup or rice with meat and veg. I suppose asians like their meals hot anytime of the day [like porridge for breakfast!]. I failed miserably in my first attempt to make sandwiches, they were soggy and gross by the time we unwrapped them for lunch [never put wet lettuce and mayo next to the bread...]

so, making a good sandwich does take some planning and finesse. first, get some yummy but healthy ingredients. they MUST be balanced. that means..some protein..and some veg.
here, some rotiserrie chicken... sliced lettuce, capsicum and cucumber.

and cheese! I love colby cheese.......

get some nice bread rolls..or buns.

put the dry ingredients on the bread first so that anything wet will not soak into the bread [that'll make it soggy]

I like spicy salami but it's really really fattening!

arrange it like so: and there you go! an easy sandwich that you can take along anywhere...

the leftover ingredients can be mixed up into a big salad.

reminiscing about tassie [that means....2 years ago!]

At salamanca market one morning we went to have morning tea and Alix ordered the fried English breakfast. full of cholesterol but isnt it soooooooooo yummy........
bacon.. [saturated fat] egg [cholesterol] on toast, grilled tomato [the only healthy thing] and black pudding [gross!]
still....there're few things as beautiful as this.

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