Monday, August 20, 2007

Some random food pics of what I ate today. I had breakfast at the wong soon kee stalls in SS14 where I ordered "spicy cintan mee". It's like a deluxe version of what you'd make at home with instant noodles. The bright red soup was indeed nice and spicy but some cut up cili padi was provided for those who want it even hotter. along with the maggi mee type noodles [yellow curly ones] were pieces of fish cake, foo chok [tofu skin], a poached egg, chicken breast slices and my favourite choy sum.

The pork noodles looked good too. what I liked about this stall was that the owner speaks english! [heheheeee]

At 1 Utama we had dinner at "sri melaka" and ordered "egg foo young" which was an omellette filled with chopped onion, prawns and some green stuff which i presume to be parsley. it was.......tasty............ like it would be if u ordered it anywhere.......

now the chicken "curry kapitan" was a bit disappointing as it tasted like ordinary curry.
G said that it wasnt "real" curry kapitan. well, I dont know what the real stuff tastes like so I can't say. I suppose there're very few nyonya folks out there who REALLY know how to make it the traditional way. But, it was tasty so for an ordinary curry, it's pretty good.

Belachan kangkung. G's favourite and I like it too. we ordered two of these.......

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