Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pasar malam food is cheap and sometimes yummy. i say sometimes..because there are some vendors at the subang jaya one that sell untasty food.

processed deep fried food that go straight to your arteries

malay lauk.

fried "chai tow kueh"

john bread [whats inside it? any idea?]

potato and yam balls. looks yummy

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Hearts said...

Most of the food here looks delicous (perhaps coz the photography makes it look so!) but I know they're terribly oily and as you said, bad for the arteries, and imagine the thick oil lining it creates in your body!

I know of pasar malam hawkers who have sent their children to England to study., THey make a lot!

BTW, I uploaded Jo's singing on my page. In case you wanna use it for music appreciation. hahaha..
okie doke, you take good care!