Monday, August 27, 2007

the thing i love most about sarawak is their laksa. a breakfast favourite, this spicy soupy dish is different from mainland laksa in that it has a strong belacan flavour and its soup is greyish from all the spices. it comes with a bit of sambal for those who want it spicier [and I always do!] and a squeeze of lime. topped off with chicken and shrimp, this really is the best thing about sarawak! I've been wanting to have it ever since my trip to Kuching and thankfully there's a lady who sells it at "nam chun" kopitiam in bangsar's lucky garden. we bought some laksa paste in kuching and tried to replicate it but somehow it didnt taste even half as good.

belacan beehoon. I'd never seen such a thing until I came here. it's some thick beehoon [rice noodles] with a sweetish black sauce and boiled squid. unusual but tasty.

not to be missed also, is the kolo mee. this stuff is addictive because of the fragrant flavourful pork fat used to coat the ramen type noodles before being topped with char siew [roast pork], minced pork, fried shallots and some sprigs of choy sum.

tri coloured tea is really popular here too, with gula melaka as the sweetener, topped with evaporated milk. the 3 layers look quite intereresting together.

while walking along the streets in the "city" we came across some crispy "woo kok" [deep fried yam dumplings filled with minced pork]
this isnt specific to sarawak but they just looked so tempting in the window display that i couldnt resist.

and siew pau [pork buns]

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