Wednesday, July 01, 2009

duck fat

we rendered some duck fat from this duck we got a preston market. it was so so so scary to see SO MUCH FAT on the duck! i was quite disgusted when I first saw it. now you know how they keep warm in the icy water. and buoyant too! we threw most of the fat away until I read somewhere that it can be used to cook stuff in, like fried potatoes or fried eggs. apparently the french cook many things in duck fat! who'd have thought?
so we used it to make this fried rice. although I don't like the flavour of duck [too much of a gamey/ducky smell] the fried rice didn't smell like duck at all and was nice and fragrant. I doubt I'd be buying duck anytime ever but "waste not, want not" is my philosophy so I won't have a problem with using up the rest of this duck fat in tasty ways.

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