Saturday, July 11, 2009

not an olive.. but an olive vegetable!

I love this stuff - stringy, black and suspended in greenish-yellowish oil. what it is exactly, I don't know as I don't read chinese chracters but It's definitely not an olive by western definition. perhaps it's some leafy vegtables preserved in olive oil. or perhaps it's the leaves from an olive tree instead of its fruit?

It's really good with plain rice porridge [some folks call it congee to differentiate it from western oat porridge]. I love teochew style porridge with salty things that vary in texture - crunchy fried anchovies, salty pickled vegetables, salted duck egg, canned luncheon meat and these preserved, processed jarred things from china. sounds scary and unhealthy, i know. i suppose that's why it ought be eaten only occasionally!

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