Saturday, July 04, 2009

jiao zhi/gyoza/mandu - they're all quite similar

with some ready made pot sticker skins from the preston market, auntie and i made these jiao zhi today. they're really easy to do, just mix up some pork mince with lotsa chopped garlic, ginger, chives and soy sauce and white pepper and that's your filling! [i like to add a splash of rice wine/fish sauce as well] each "skin" gets about a tablespoon of filling and sealed with a bit of water and shaped any way you like [as you can see, mine are all irregularly shaped!] a bit like ravioli. as usual, the chinese are not very good at documenting recipes precisely, this is because we just taste as we go along and adjust the amounts from experience. anyway if you want a proper recipe there're heaps on the internet.
they're yummy steamed or fried but of cousre steamed is much healthier! i like them with a black vinegar dip with some sliced fresh chillis.

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