Friday, July 31, 2009

instant noodles

I crave hot meals most of the time, whether it's breakfast lunch or dinner. more so now that it's winter but i did in malaysia too so it's not really because of the weather.

i can't do that thing where you have yoghurt and cereal for breakfast, then a cold sandwich for lunch. Probably because I'm Chinese. I love having a steaming bowl of rice porridge at breakfast, noodle soup for lunch and hot rice and curry for dinner. So, at Uni ystd, I took advantage of the microwave at the mature student's lounge and made myself this nice steamy bowl of instant noodles. i actually brought the noodles, a raw egg and my chopsticks all the way there! [talk about impractical!] it was worth it though coz buying a meal at the campus centre would've come up to at least $8, most of its hot meals are around$10 and a ham sandwich is $7.30! that's insane.

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