Sunday, July 05, 2009

roti kosong / pratha/canai

not that i missed mamak food but...

after church today auntie sup mann made these for us. first she mixed up some flour, oil, salt, milk and water into this dough ball and kneaded it to release the gluten. then she let it rest for 8 hours. after resting, the dough gets divided into individual portions.
first she flattened it into a flat piece.
then on an oiled surface she flipped it out real thin and folded it into layers, then a bit more oil.

then onto an oiled hot griddle! or frying pan in this case since there was no griddle.
it tasted just like any mamak's roti canai. yummy! so easy right? here is a recipe but we substituted the ghee for rice bran oil and it tasted just fine. i reckon there're so many ways to improvise on it, like adding chopped onions, sardines, an egg for the classics like roti bawang or roti telur, but also "aussie-fied" versions using beetroot and bacon and egg or spinach and cheese.... or pumpkin and fetta....

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