Friday, July 31, 2009

gavin's pressure test

last night's challenge was a fusion dinner with malaysian nasi goreng kampung and a western grilled fish with lemon and rosemary dressing wrapped in bacon. i had no hand in it this time as i was completely knackered from a busy week at uni so gav planned everything [a first!] and did everything. although..I'm not sure if I would've paired up nasi goreng with a bacon fish fillet dish... ee lane was fine with it so i went along.
eelane and ivan have a very nice little kitchen, small but cozy and everything within reach. gavin did everything so we girls decided to just sit back and judge him. he spent about 90 minutes chopping, slicing, saute-ing and plating up!

this nasi goreng kampung was made "western" not intentionally but since we had leftover bacon we just chopped that up and put it in! also we didnt have any kangkung, pity. but the tiny bits of robust chopped chilli and ikan bilis made it taste quite close to the original!
the bacon wrapped fish had a really delicate lemon and rosemary flavour. gav got this recipe from jamie oliver's book.
for dessert we melted some cadbury chocolate with a little milk so it became sort of a "sauce" in which we dipped sliced bananas, mashmallows, cherries and strawberries. on hindsight, I would've melted some marshmallows with the chocolate to make a thicker sauce, and green apples just don't go with chocolate! the best things to dip were the bananas and strawberries.

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