Monday, June 23, 2008

bad bad nasi kandar day...
don't know if it's because we went to eat at 2pm, or that it was a rainy day or that the procurement officer goofed up and they ran out of salt, or that the chief chef was on a sickie but that day on Jalan TAR was a bad bad day for nasi kandar.
everything tasted dismal and bland, including the curries. the mutton was chewy and tasteless, with hardly any meat on the bone. in fact the spices tasted like they'd gone rancid or something. the chicken was a mass of black goo that tasted of.... nothing. in fact I really don't know what was put into it apart from perhaps, black soy sauce. the curry sauce didn't even taste like curry but was merely a watery mass of grainy bits. perhaps the only decent thing was the deep friend papadoms. but...all that for RM20! so not worth it. I would've enjoyed plain maggi mee more.

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