Monday, June 09, 2008

"famous thai" at plaza shah alam or plaza masalam, depending on which direction you come from.

I love thai food and this place had a nice atmosphere, air conditioning was very strong so perhaps that makes one feel hungrier. the kangkung was good, although portion was too small for my liking. now with the prices of everything going up, i'm really starting to wonder if eating out is such a great idea after all.
but then.... I dont want to give up social meetings. perhaps instead of eating out, we should eat at home and just meet up for drinks from now on. how else to save $$$?? :(
kangkung was tasty and the belacan flavour was good.
basil beef was good too but again portions were too small. the basil leaves cooked with the beef were fragrant and gave an interesting twang to the sauce.
the weird orange light was from matt's camera.
the tomyam prawn soup was spicy and thick, a little too salty for my liking though. but, it tastes authentic.
everyone loved the green curry which arrived piping hot, which i like. there was a LOT of gravy which went well with the white rice.
shaun loves his tap tim krop [water chestnuts coated in starch and colouring in a mix of jelly, jackfruit and shaved ice topped with syrup and coconut milk] but the bright colours are scary to me. I can't stomach anything that's artificially bright pink [even if it IS my favourite colour]
the so called century egg tofu which didn't have any century egg in it. were we ripped off? however it WAS tasty.
tastewise, I'd say this place is pretty good, but price-wise, it didnt leave a good taste in the mouth. we were charged RM8 for the small plate of peanuts, and something like RM3 each for the wet towels!!!! and this was charged a further 10% and 5% tax! because of that i feel somewhat cheated/swindled. I hate it when restaurants give you peanuts/crisps which you DIDN'T order and then charge you a premium for it. Peanuts are worth...well, PEANUTS!! how can u be charged RM8 for a tiny plate of peanuts?

of course if you're rich and all this is nothing larr but for the average Malaysian who's already suffering so much from the govt's recent abominable move to raise the petrol prices [hence increasing the cost of living from every aspect, decreasing the quality of life] I wouldn't recommend this place simply because you get charged for things you didn't order.

i will be trying to eat out a lot less from now on and cook more.

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