Tuesday, June 10, 2008

To celebrate his first day living in Subang Jaya, Gavin and I decided to go for the famed Nasi Lemak Subang Jaya.

Apparently Subang Jaya has a "new' kind of nasi lemak which is nothing like the original. Instead of rice cooked in coconut milk, it's just ordinary white rice. instead of being wrapped in a banana leaf, it's served up on a plastic plate. instead of being made by malays, this stall is run by ..... some guy named Lim. and it's situated in a chinese kopitiam in SS14. we arrived around 2.30 and still the line was so longggg.....
this queue never seems to end...
but Gav waited patiently in line...
here's what we ordered. we opted for the fried chicken and long beans with a generous dollop of sambal. it was delicious with the chicken hot off the oil, so it was crispy and juicy and tender. the rice was yummy with curry sauce and spicy sambal with onions on top. the long beans were tasty too, cooked in the ordinary chinese style with garlic and oyster sauce. it was yummy, but at RM6.50 a plate it's a little on the steep side for something eaten at a hawker kopitiam that we call the "Dirty shop".
still, I suppose if you have to choose between this and a fried chicken+fries+coke meal at macca's, I'd rather have this.

Wong Soon Kee - in SS14, same row as the proton showroom. nasi lemak is only available for breakfast and lunch. at nights the "tai chow" people take over.

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