Sunday, June 01, 2008

Quest for the perfect sarawak laksa in Klang valley = failure
I love a good sarawak laksa so when i saw a stall at ming tien in sunway i ordered it at once. Turns out it wasn't what i had hoped for. the soup was so bland and the sambal was tasteless. needed more.... salt and something!

so that was a disappointment. then i saw a stall at central [on old klang road] selling a few types of laksa and included sarawak laksa. there were johor laksas, penang laksas, every type of laksa. they even have the laksa paste on sale in vacuum packed packets. the laksa "soups" were in big earthen couldrons so i thought this might be authentic. but it turned out really really horrible!!!! it was full of raw things, like raw bean sprouts, raw onion and raw cucumber. the soup was again, horrible. and all the raw things just spoilt the taste of it completely. ugh!

i guess the only place in klang valley to get a good sarawak laksa is still lucky garden in bangsar.

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